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About TUDO

Xerde /Z-E-D/ is a technology company committed to making life meaningful for everyone, everywhere - with technology solutions.

TUDO is a product of Xerde. It is a social financial platform designed to leverage digital transformation and network effect strategies to enhance user engagement in financial applications.

Khadijat Abdulkadir

Khadijat Abdulkadir is the MD/CEO of Xerde Limited a technology company which she founded in 2019 and immediately received investment to fully operate.

Xerde operates within the financial technology space serving both B2B custom software developments and B2C via retail products such as “Tudo” and others.

She is a certified Software Solutions Architect and International Software Testing & Quality Engineer. She holds degrees in Anthropology, Business Engineering and Management Science among other qualifications.

HealthTech - BENIN

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goMediCAL is the first e-health application intended to facilitate the early access of populations to health care. The platform, mobile for the patient and the doctor, web for health facilities, allows users, to access a directory of doctors and geolocated clinics, make and be reminded of a medical appointment with more than 300 health professionals for themselves or their relatives, share their health book with the doctor, and pay consultation fees for themselves or their relatives, wherever they are in the world.

The patient can also create on his app a drug alert and contact pharmacies and ambulances.
With its tripartite offer, goMediCAL has more than 18000 active users. The platform deployed in Benin, aims to offer, an innovative and pragmatic alternative to conventional solutions for making appointments, medical follow-up via the digital health book, and compensate for the lack of funding in health care.


goMediCAL was founded by Gilles Kounou, graduate in Avionics from the Marrakech Air School and in Software Engineering from the Institute of Mathematics and Physical Sciences of the University of Abomey Calavi (Benin Republic). The 30-year-old entrepreneur, very involved in digital construction in Benin, won the Francophone Prize for Digital Innovation in 2015,  with goMediCAL. 

Twitter : https://twitter.com/GillesKounou

Energy - NIGERIA

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About shyft power solutions

SHYFT Power Solutions builds IoT hardware and integrated software to connect, intelligently manage, and scale clean distributed energy resources in markets that struggle with high energy costs and low energy reliability, but must meet growing energy demand in an era where reducing emissions is vital to the world’s climate health. SHYFT enables the rapid expansion of sustainable energy through resource optimization and intelligence.

Linda Kamau and marie githinji

Ugwem Eneyo is the co-founder and CEO of SHYFT Power Solutions (formerly known as Solstice Energy Solutions), a venture-backed, award-winning energy technology company that builds IoT and integrated software to intelligently manage distributed energy resources. The company is a bi-product of her research as a former Stanford MS/PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Ugwem is a Nigerian-American whose family comes from an indigenous community that has been plagued with environmental and socioeconomic issues due to extractive industries, ultimately driving her passion about the nexus of energy, environment and development. Ugwem has been a speaker at the World Bank State of the African Union Forum, Global Climate Action Summit (opening prior to former VP Al Gore) and Ceres. In 2019, Ugwem was recognized as Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Energy. Prior to Stanford, Ugwem worked as an Environmental and Regulatory Risk Advisor for infrastructure projects throughout South Asia, Africa and the Americas. She graduated from the University of Illinos at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

AgriTech - KENYA

Visit  Kahawa1893.com

About kahawa 1893

Kahawa 1893 Coffee's mission is to empower coffee farmers in Kenya, particularly women, by leveraging technology to connect consumers directly to producers.

Linda Kamau and marie githinji

Margaret Nyamumbo is a Kenyan native from a coffee-growing family of three generations. She holds an MBA from Harvard. She founded Kahawa 1893 after working on Wall Street and at the World Bank.

HealthTech - ZIMBABWE

Visit Sila.health


Sila Health provides last-mile health care access across Africa using chat platforms and creates comprehensive datasets to advance healthcare in the region.

Babusi Nyoni

I am a 32 year-old self taught Zimbabwean design-strategist and innovator.
I work in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and big data innovation with a particular focus on developing solutions for Sub-Saharan African communities. 
With over 10 years of experience in the advertising, financial and technology industries, I specialise in contributing the practical skills needed to drive meaningful innovation in areas where scale and impact are hindered by structural limitations.LinkedIn: @babusi
Twitter: @babusinyoni


Visit Paydunya.com

About paydunya

PayDunya, is a digital global payments platform to boost the African digital ecosystem and support the digital transformation of businesses (formal and informal), financial institutions and governments.
The platform has a suit of solutions that allow businesses to receive or disburse payments across all financial digital channels like mobile money wallet, money transfer services and credit/debit cards.
They started in 2015 and now support 600+ companies in 3 countries (Senegal, Ivory Coast and Benin) and process 30,000+ daily transactions.

PayDunya is convinced that digital is a factor of growth and survival for companies regardless of their size and activities, so that is why they are committed to help them maximize their sales through digitalization.

aziz yerima

Aziz YERIMA holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Master degree in Telecommunication & Multimedia Networks. He is an expert in electronic payments, mobile money and IT management. He is the co-founder & CEO of PayDunya, an electronic financial transaction platform for African companies to send and receive digital payments nationally and internationally from mobile money, credit/debit card and cash.
“ I have always aspired to become an entrepreneur, it is not about making money or being my own boss, it is the best way I found to help my Africa ” .
LinkedIn : h​ ttps://www.linkedin.com/in/aziz-y%C3%A9rima-63355963/ Twitter : ​https://twitter.com/azizyerima

Engineering - TUNISIA

Visit Enovarobotics.eu

About enova robotics

Enova Robotics combines a unique expertise in mobile robotics, artificial intelligence and security. It gives Enova Robotics the asset to propose cutting-edge and very specific products that represents the future of this sector.Such as numerous other sectors that have been deeply transformed by mobile robotics, Security and Surveillance will change and evolve to become more efficient, safer and adaptable to new threats, thanks to robotics and AI.

Anis Sahbani

Anis Sahbani is an Associate Professor in Robotics at Sorbonne University (France) since 2004. In 2014, Anis Sahbani decided to return to Tunisia and create the Startup Enova Robotics, the first company in Africa and MENA region that manufactures its own-brand robots. From 2014 to 2019, Enova Robotics won several national and international awards such as: two gold medals from the world intellectual property organization in Cairo and Kuwait 2017, the gold medal of the International Exhibition of Inventions at Geneva. Anis Sahbani is also the winner of the Best Young Leader award 2016.Twitter: https://twitter.com/nis1775
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/aniss

Food - EGYPT

Visit  Getyourglow.me

About glow

A brand developed by health and nutrition experts designed to make you Glow!Glow’s core values set the standard for a truly unique product in the juicing/healthy snacks world. Creating recipes and operating standards around these core principles has guided Glow to develop the best smoothies, juices and snacks on the market. Glow invests in the best ingredients, materials and equipment to provide the highest quality juice available.Glow is founded on a groundwork that values health, plant based, local, sustainable, zero waste (as much as possible) education, and affordability.

Amina rashad

Amina is a health coach and expert.
She taught her clients how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, and how to prepare their meals and plan for them. She taught them different theories of nutrition and how to choose among them what suits them best and follow it. She noticed how busy her clients were and their inability to plan and prepare meals for themselves on a daily basis. Most people nowadays, whether employed, students, or stay at home mothers, are running around constantly getting things done and time is always a constraint.Amina and Glow team decided to design an offering that would help people get a healthy delicious snack or meal, freshly made, and delivered at their doorstep anywhere across Cairo, to give them that boost they need throughout their long day.


Visit Kadalys.com

About kadalys

Kadalys is the first organic and conscious cosmetic brand with banana active ingredients. For committed citizens of the world wanting authentic beauty and caring about farmers and the environment. Kadalys acts, by recycling waste, as a citizen of the world acting to boost agricultural practices that are respectful of the environment.
Kadalys offers a unique vision of beauty to conscious people in search of organic, clean & efficient formulas integrating authentic, trustworthy and sustainable initiatives that give meaning in their day to day gesture.    

Together, we act for our future.

shirley billot

Shirley Billot is CEO & Founder, Kadalys.

Shirley Billot is specialist in upcycling and eco-extraction. She develops bio-active ingredients 100% natural made with agricultural by-products generated by the banana sector. Born in Djibouti, she grew up between East-Africa and  the Caribbean and was initiated early  at the traditional medecine by her mother. As active militants, Shirley’s parents have made her become aware of environmental and societal issues. She created Kadalys in 2012, the first organic and eco-conscious brand and global leader expert in banana science..


Visit  Bridgelabs.design

About bridge labs

At Bridge Labs, we focus more on value than time allocation to projects. We don’t do timesheets because we believe they are a waste of time and our people are trusted to spend their time anyway which they find would be helpful for their own productivity and the betterment of the organization. One of the secrets to our success is empowering our A-team players to make decisions. Milestone based deliverables have worked very well for all our stakeholders to date.

musa kalenga & Kola Olajide

Musa co-founded Bridge Labs based on a vision to reach a global base of ʻdigital invisibleʼ consumers through a wide range of tech platforms, services, and products. The depth of Musaʼs background in adapting tech for social good extends through his work as a Global Shaper at the WEF, board member of Africa Teen Geeks, Head of Brand for IAB, Group Head of Digital Marketing at Nedbank and former Facebook Client Partner for Africa.

Kola co-founded Bridge Labs because of his passion for building high- quality tech products designed to enable forward-thinking organizations to compete and perform in the 21st century. He has extensive experience as the technical lead for several major government and private sector systems design projects including The African Leadership University and the Western Cape government. He is a Microsoft Technology Partner and has received multiple innovation awards. He was recently selected to join the global Forbes 30 under 30 community for his work in technology in Africa.

Upcycling - EGYPT

Visit Reformstudio.net

About reform studio

REFORM was founded by Hend Riad & Mariam Hazem, an international awarded lifestyle brand based in Cairo, Egypt.
its main aim to design for a cause, to design creative responsible products that benefit the environment, have a positive impact on the society and community.
Reform promotes for sustainable luxury through designing a whole range of highend ecofriendly fashion accessories, furniture & home accessories. were all its designs are made with the brand's invention Plastex; A 100% eco-friendly handmade fabric that translates the need for environmental sustainability.
Reform has its own workshop in Cairo were the production and upcycling happens.
Socially, the Brand took reviving the weaving industry in Egypt, with its main goal to restore an old craft that is on a brick of extinction; through supporting Egyptian craftsmen & empowering underprivileged women with limited resources & education ; by teaching them new skills and supporting them to create a sustainable income to help their families.
The entire production process of the fabric is 100% ecofriendly as Reform don’t use any chemical components or toxic fluids.

Hend Riad & Mariam Hazem.

Hend Riad & Mariam Hazem are the cofounders of Reform Studio, an international awarded lifestyle brand based in Cairo, Egypt. Directly after the 2011 revolution in Egypt, they were excited to be part of the great change around them, eager to make a stand and make a difference. The feeling of responsibility towards serving their society and environment gave them the motivation to try to solve some of the major problems in Egypt through their invention “Plastex”.  

After graduation, they focused on design research and development and they founded Reform Studio in 2012. Were Its goal is to design for a cause, design creative responsible products that benefit the environment & have a positive impact on the society by empowering local craftsmen and women with limited resources. Reform Promotes for ethical design by producing a whole range of furniture, home accessories & fashion accessories; all products are handmade & ecofriendly made out of upcycled plastic bags and high end materials.


2019 Rossana Orlandi, RO Plastic Prize, MILAN, ITALY
2019 ADC Award, U.S
2014 Cartier Women's Initiative awards DEAUVILLE, FRANCE
2014  Silver A’ Design Award, COMO, ITALY.
2013  SaloneSatellite 2nd prize Award at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in MILAN, ITALY.
2012  First golden Award at D+I in CAIRO, EGYPT.

Social Innovation - KENYA

Visit AkiraChix.com

About akira chix

AkiraChix is a non-profit organisation which offers girls and young women from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds, hands-on technical training in market-relevant technology to positively impact their lives and communities.

We live by the simple mantra; SHE BUILDS, SHE SERVES AND SHE LEADS.

In the next 10 years, AkiraChix will train 10,000 women, in Africa, in tech, as a way to bridge the gender gap in the technology field, address poverty, unemployment and access to ICT on the continent.

Linda Kamau and marie githinji

Linda's worked as a software engineer for a decade and is a champion of diversity and inclusion of girls and women in technology. She is an alumnus of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Obama Leaders: Africa. Linda is also a Segal Family Foundation African Visionary Fellow and a 2019 Builders of Arica's Future Awardee.

Marie believes in the transformative power of technology in education, and co-founded two organisations; eLimu, the first Kenyan company to digitize the Kenya Primary School curriculum content for revision and literacy, where she serves on its board; and AkiraChix. Marie is a Standford Graduate School of Business alumnus and a 2019 Perennial Fellow.

Beauty - GHANA

Visit Skingourmetgh.com

About skin gourmet

Raw Edible Skincare Handmade & Sustainably Sourced from GHANA.

Violet Amoabeng

Violet is based in Ghana.

Ecommerce - SOUTH AFRICA

Visit Mustard.pro

About mustard

Mustard is a video social commerce platform that helps brands convert customers across all social apps. Creating a multi-retailer social shopping experience is complex and brands are mostly in the dark. Mustard lets brands acquire customers from any social platform, and seamlessly guide them checkout on any preferred retailer (Jumia, Takalot, Clicks, etc). Our mission is to help brands maximize the social commerce potential of Africa, through data insights and vibrant shopping experience.

Victory Matibiri

Victory Matibiri is a product visionary, who is passionate about designing products that amplify human potential. Along with a Bachelor in Int. Business and Masters in Marketing, he has over 6 years of experience designing, building, and shipping products in Australia, Asia, and Africa. He is now on a mission to help brands tap into social commerce as CEO of Khoyn. Khoyn is a social commerce platform pioneering visual commerce for brands on the continent. 

Artificial Intelligence - ETHIOPIA

Visit icog-labs.com

About icog labs

iCog Labs is a team of visionary software professionals, dedicated to advancing the frontier of artificial intelligence research and applications and delivering quality products to customers, based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



Music - KENYA

Visit Mookh.com

About mookh

MOOKH is a multi-faceted online platform run by MOOKH AFRICA that helps creators (Artists, Event Organizers) manage your online sales easily and efficiently. We provide you with a backend dashboard, which gives you full control and visibility of all online transactions in real time.
Aside from being hosted on the MOOKH site mookh.com, we also provide unique links to your online marketplace, that you will use to promote your online store on Socials, as well as the ability to embed the store front to your website.
Each online store comes with full payment integration that accepts mobile money and card transactions. As a seller through our payment platform MOOKHPAY, you can currently collect in 4 different currencies i.e. KES, UGX, RWF and USD.
MOOKH is fully operational in KENYA, UGANDA and RWANDA.

Eric Thimba and George Gachui

MOOKH AFRICA was founded and is led by Kenyan-born Eric Thimba and George Gachui. They are both fully involved in the management and operations of the company with Eric Thimba serving as the CEO and George Gachui serving as the COO. Both Eric and George have together over 25 years experience in branding, marketing and event management.
The founders are currently supported by an incredible team of engineers and operation specialists. Both Eric and George sit on the board of MOOKH AFRICA.

HealthTech - NIGERIA

Visit Medsaf.com


Medsaf, is a pharma tech start-up. Medsaf is a one-stop shop for healthcare stakeholders to purchase, manage, and track medications in complicated supply chains.

Vivian Nwakah

Vivian Nwakah is CEO and Founder of Medsaf. Medsaf is a one stop shop for healthcare stakeholders to purchase, manage, and track medications. Medsaf has subsidiary operations in emerging markets such as Nigeria.
Vivian was born and raised in the United States mostly in the northern Chicago suburbs. She attended University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign for undergraduate studies and went to IAE Sorbonne, in Paris France, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, and J. Mack Robinson Business School in Atlanta, Georgia.

Vivian has had an interesting career pursing her passions. Vivian was the youngest manager for Wells Fargo Financial a financial services off-shoot of Wells Fargo Bank where she was consistently top sales person in the Midwest Region.

Vivian ran a political campaign for alderman in Chicago Illinois and was able to lead the campaign to front-runner status with endorsements from the Democratic National Committee, Chicago Teacher's Union, and AFSCME union.

Vivian went on to help start a chain of home health care agencies which exposed her to entrepreneurship and the business side of health care.

Vivian decided to go global and landed in Lagos, Nigeria for the first time in 2013. Before launching Medsaf, she started a hybrid-diesel solar company focused on commercial and industrial installations. 

Social Innovation - NIGERIA

Visit Hopetechplus.com

About hope tech plus

We work to create a healthy society which is one that accepts and appreciates the input of everyone regardless of their physical challenges. This is achieved by our innovations in assistive technology and systems aimed at facilitating the full integration of visually impaired people into the society.
The main product offered is called The Sixth Sense which is a wearable mobility aid that frees visually impaired people from relying on others for mobility. Hope Tech also works in increasing access to information for visually impaired people through converting books and legal resources into braille and also 3D printing of learning material.


Brian Mwenda

Brian has developed The Sixth Sense which is a wearable assistive device that replaces canes and human guides for visually impaired people. It gives them the freedom to move independently and the confidence to participate more in society socially and economically.  
Brian is a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (UK) Leaders in Innovation Fellowship and Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. He is the 2019 winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Awards for best innovative and inclusive deployment of Technology. Brian is an active advocate for the inclusion and increased participation of Persons with Disabilities into the society.

AgriTech - TUNISIA

Visit Seabex.com

About seabex

SEABEX is an e-monitoring and smart automation system that helps farmers find the right balance of water consumption needed to get the better quality and quantity production.SEABEX is able to monitor and control in real time the key environmental parameters of a farm, interacts and reacts autonomously and appropriately to any environmental parameter variation with minimum level of human intervention.

Amira Cheniour & Ines Hamida

Amira and Ines are based in Tunisia.

Waste Management - IVORY COAST

Visit Coliba.ci

About coliba

Over 5 million tonnes of waste are generated each year in Côte d’Ivoire with less than half of the current waste being collected, and only about 3% being recycled. 94% of actors in the plastic waste economy operate in the informal sector. Coliba’s platform solves these issues by offering formal employment opportunities in waste management as well as an easy solution for households to earn rewards for recycling through a mobile app. The app tracks user’s bottle collection progress and efficiently dispatches agents for collection. The collected plastic bottles are then cleaned, sorted, and processed into P.E.T. pellets and flakes that are then sold regionally or internationally to be turned into new plastics-based goods.

yaya kone & Genesis Ehimegbe

Yaya Kone (CEO & Co-founder)
Ivoirian Social entrepreneur with a masters in research from the University of Bouake and an MBA in operational management and sustainable development from the Institut Supérieur de Commerce (ISC Paris business school).
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yayakone/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/kyayus

Genesis Ehimegbe (CFO & Co-founder)
Social entrepreneur with a Master's Degree in International Business Engineering at Télécom Ecole de Management in Paris . Originally from Lagos Nigeria, he grew up in Paris France where he worked as business developer before launching Coliba in Cote d’Ivoire.
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/genesisehimegbe/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Ehi_Genesis

Social Innovation

Visit Teliman.ml

About teliman

Urban population growth rate is higher in Africa than anywhere else in the world.  This creates strong transportation bottlenecks and limits economic development. Taxi motos are a growing solution but the industry is informal and chaotic, plagued with low quality, safety for passenger and strong financial pressure on drivers. Teliman is a unique on-demand motorcycle taxi service in Mali. To solve the problem of urban mobility through moto taxis, Teliman focuses on the community of drivers, allowing them to access a quality motorbike, an insurance and a solid safety training through a commission free daily flat fee scheme.

Hawa Traore & Abdoulaye Maiga

Hawa Traore (CEO & Co-Founder):
Mechanical Engineer, graduated from Arts et Métiers Paris Tech in 2014. Before starting Teliman, she worked as a Construction Manager for EDF where she supervised a 1,000 workers project.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hawa-traore-885a3284/

Abdoulaye Maiga (CTO & Co-founder):
Computer Engineer, graduated from Centrale Paris and Keio University (Japan) in 2015. Before starting Teliman, he co-founded legal tech startup Wemblee. He also worked for Rakuten AR and Accenture.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abdoulaye-maiga-99410522/

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