WAN 2020

May 25, 2020 / 25 Mai 2020
Join us on May 25th to Celebrate the Africa Day! Let's engage ourselves in a collective reflection on post-crisis & start building a new Africa: United and Innovative.
Rejoignez-nous le 25 mai pour célébrer la Journée de l'Afrique ! Engageons-nous dans une réflexion collective sur l'après-crise et commençons à construire une nouvelle Afrique : Unie et innovante.

How to join the sessions?
Comment participer?

Just join us on Facebook and Youtube all day and evening on May 25th.

Rejoignez nous sur Facebook et YouTube toute la journée et la soirée du 25 Mai.


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"Together as ONE, together is WAN"
#IAmWAN - #JeSuisWan

On May 25, the Africa International Day, the African civil society and its diaspora are mobilizing to fight against the health and social consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.


WAN (Worldwide Afro Network)
project will bring together Artists, Leaders, and Innovators. It will take place all day long on social networks with the hashtags #JeSuisWan and #IAmWan.
It will conclude with a Show 2.0 that will be broadcast for free in prime time, on all African national channels and some private channels, with the technical support of the African Union Broadcasting.

All actors of this Show 2.0 have set themselves the objectives of raising awareness about the risks of infection, to engage in a collective reflection on post-crisis Africa, and to support the actors in the construction of this new Africa : United and Innovative.

"Africans, afro-descendants (caribbean, Indian Ocean and North and South America), and changemakers from all over the world are coming together under one banner so that Africa can take the leadership of a new world to build: Inclusive and Sustainable." - Amobé Mévégué

WAN will prove that the most unexpected successes happen when diverse topics and people come together.

ON May 25, 2020

Get ready for a 2.0 Show that will be broadcasted on all African national channels with the support of the African Union and Thomson Broadcast.


Be part of a PanAfrican discussion on social media  with a dedicated hashtag: #IAmWAN
Share your vision of the New Africa.

thought leadership

WAN is a creative platform celebrating the convergence of Music, Leadership, and Innovation in Africa and its Diaspora.
Stay tuned to know the programs of the talks.